Learning evaluation that scales.

Lightbulb Learning is a learning evaluation system that scales for groups with many participants. Students challenge each other by asking and discussing questions, while you get insight into their current level of understanding and their learning curve - which is gold for your evaluation of their performance.

LearningĀ isĀ 

How does it work?

Learning is more than answering questions. Formulating a question means framing a problem, and is a more effective way of learning than just answering one. Giving constructive feedback means to have not only expertise, but also empathy - and is one of the most underrated skills in modern (working) life. That's why we believe that contemplating every contribution to the discussion gives a clearer view on learning performance.

Watch your students thinking about and discussing interesting questions, while getting realtime insight into all aspects of their performance.

Who is it for?

Lightbulb Learning is for you, if...

  • ...you are a teacher or professor and want to get a more rational insight into your students learning adventure.
  • ...are tired of marking exam papers for days and need a more scalable and justifiable approach of defining grades.
  • ...are an author of an online course and want to reward those that reach a certain level with a certificate.

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